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At DDC we don’t just teach you to be creative. We guide and support people in finding their unique voice. DDC was built on the belief that anyone can have a voice, be creative and express themselves, and we carry that belief into everything we do.

Desert Dream Creative is Natasha Pasternak’s passion project and brain child. After 20+ years as a professional in the music industry, Natasha Pasternak has taken her career to a new level. She has taken all the skills she has collected over her career and made a series of workshops serving various communities and their needs.

Her speciality is designing creative curriculum for UCLA’s Herb Alpert School of Music. She has created two different courses and just completed the design of the new summer course for high school students, serving as the Assistant Director and lead Instructor. Desert Dream Creative is created with the ingenuity and passion inspired by the fantastic power of creativity and music.

Natasha Pasternak/Founder

I so enjoyed being in Natasha’s songwriting course. It was different from any other music class I’ve taken and structured to really allow songwriters to connect, collaborate, and complete the class with a finished product. Some of my favorite songs are ones I’ve co-written with students I met in Natasha’s class!

– Pragathi Guruprasad

Being taught by Natasha made me want to be a better student of music. And her understanding of and passion for songwriting made me see the value in my own art more clearly

– Krista Marina

Pro Songwriting

DDC’s Pro Songwriting Workshop and Masterclass are targeted to professional musicians and songwriters in the music industry. Either you are a beginner or along in your career, Pro Songwriter’s Workshop/Masterclass can help you from building a basic foundation to creating healthy, sustainable creative careers.

Team Building

DDC’s Team Building songwriting workshop is based on the idea that to write a song as a collaborative effort you need a combination of necessary skills to be successful. By using songwriting as the centre of the workshop, we give your employees guided excerises to help build communication, team work, having a voice, supporting each other, public speaking and leadership, all through creating music.

Community Building

DDC’s Community workshops is based on using the art form of songwriting as a way to build the students up. Similar to the Team Building and Pro Songwriting workshops, we spend time with the students looking at positive ways to problem solve and express themselves in a group setting. On top of that, the students learn to write their own songs and learn what it means to have a message to share to the world.

I believe anyone has the power to be creative and write a song. It’s not reserved for the professional songwriter. If you have a story, you have a song. My job is to take you there.

– Natasha Pasternak

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